Welcome to our Blog on our adventures of falling in love with the sailing life. Our names are Josh and Jenn. We are a young couple from Northern Michigan that is taking our dream for sailing and slowly turning it into a reality. We started with nothing but a sentence……

“Let’s learn to sail”

Both of us thought it was just a crazy idea, something that sounded fun, and even a bit beyond what we could ever do. Neither of us had any true knowledge of sailing, of boats, of life on the water. All of it was new to us, and a bit far fetched, but sounded fun. Little did we know how quick our lives would change forever.

Life has progressed, and we now have a boat, sail on the Great Lakes, and are planning a future that will never not involve sailing. We are learning by the day, and are far from experts. But from the first second we stepped on our boat, RedSky, we knew that our life from now moving forward would involve sailing.

Be sure and check out all our posts, and pages. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions. We would love to hear from everyone.