Captain and Skipper

The Captain and Skipper

It’s not about the Journey, but who you travel with.

By definition a Captain is “one who leads or supervises”. This is beyond important on a ship. When you look at the history of boats, and what it takes to have one function without issue, a captain was not only important, it was a necessity. A ship could not make a destination without the leadership to keep an eye on the  destination, passage, location, weather, crew, and the ship status all at the same time.

As time has progressed some of those tasks have become easier. and the job of a captain has changed. This makes me look at RedSky, and being the captain of her. She is a vessel and needs leadership. I am without question the captain of RedSky, but I could not be in this position without my skipper.

I may make decisions, but none are made without acknowledgment and acceptance from my one and only skipper. Jenn is the reason RedSky and our family are merged in the way they have been.  She has put us in the place we are in, and added a security that we all needed.

When I met Jenn, I was unsure of what I had to offer and the direction my life was going. I knew what I wanted, but I had no good way to get there, and no good reason.

We met at the wedding of a friend. We immediately knew there was something between us, even if it didn’t land the anchor that night. We met, laughed, hung out, and had a great night, only to part ways with no expectation of even seeing each other in the future. However the short time we had laid a path for a strong road to bring us to the crew we were to become.

Years after, we were to be brought together again by something as simple as snow in Norther Michigan. I had to work but schools were closed. Jenn agreed to watch my girls as I worked. This act of kindness showed that this woman cared more than I expected. She was willing to help when no one else was, and not for any reason or compensation. She only wanted to help someone in need.

Shortly after we had our first date at “La Villa Ristorante” in Petoskey Michigan. A night that we talked from the second we saw each other, until I was closing the car door to leave. This added to the flame we felt years prior. There was so much that we talked about, and went over. But the biggest take away was our sense of adventure. Our desire to see the world, talk to people, hear music, learn of culture, and never stop trying to move forward.

We both had kids and a past. We both were not rich or well off. We both were not even at a point that we should even be dating with the expectation of moving forward. Yet we now found the person, that was at the same point, with the same desire, and had the same feelings. I met the Skipper to my Captain without even looking.

Jenn is the reason we have RedSky, and the reason that my dream of living on a sail boat is happening. I will never say we have been perfect all the time. However, we have been perfect for us the whole time and Jenn is the reason that I will forever say “It’s not about the Journey, but who you travel with”. She is who I want to travel, adventure, explore, learn, and enjoy with. I could never ask for a better skipper, and I am excited for the adventures we have in store. Whether they are planned or a surprise, they will be our life, and we will take them together.

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