Winter Fun and Blue Ice

Adventures On The Ice

February 21, 2021

Sailing is our passion, but living in Northern Michigan we can not always be on RedSky. The good news is, just because it is cold and snowy doesn’t mean we can’t be on the water. This weekend we packed the whole Bova family into the car, and took a day to see the natural phenomenon of Blue Ice in the straights of Mackinaw.

The ice is formed in the shores of Lake Huron, by the quickly dropping temperatures combined with the wind blowing the ice chunks to the shore. The large pieces of ice will stack and pile on each other until the base freezes. The result is nothing more than a spectacular frozen playland. Everyone from photographers trying to get the perfect shot to kids sliding and playing games, enjoy the beauty that has formed.

We started the morning later than planned, but it was a great 34 degrees out, and the sun was poking out randomly. We arrived and were shocked by the amount of people that were already there. We parked at the east side of the city, but the Shepler’s Ferry docks. Immediately we went out on the ice and started with the pictures.

The feeling of walking on the ice, over the area that just a few months prior we had sailed over was exhilarating. Knowing that RedSky had sailed over the exact spot I was standing with sails full put a smile on my face.

But it was time to focus on why we came. The kids explored the ice, played hide and seek, and found every cave possible. We slid on our stomachs like penguins and laughed at how silly it looked. We found spots in the ice that was so clear it looked as if we were standing on the water and could see the rocks and sand under us.

The day was short and fast, but it was a day to be out of the house, and enjoy the area we live. It was another adventure that will forever remain in our memories. We may not always be sailing, but we are always drawn to the water.

Exploring the Ice Kids Taking a Break Pressure Cracks
Clear Spots Exploring the Caves Cheesy Smiles
The Bridge and the Ice

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